Medicinal Research Center

Medicinal Research Institute

Marijuana presents itself as one the most controversial medical topics of our time. In July 2015, Sydney University acquired its largest donation of $33.7 million to research the medical uses of marijuana. With the potential to beneficially change millions of lives. The Shepard street car-park is to be redesigned into a multipurpose building centered around the research and production of herbal medicines.

Rain-forests currently provide sources for one fourth of today’s medicines, and 70 percent of the plants found to have anticancer properties are found only in the rain-forest. The research institute is a highly considered, sustainable building that employs a range of innovative, passive design solutions. The building encompasses spaces for naturally growing, harvesting, packaging and distribution, and research areas.

It is a holistic building designed to further our understanding of  the healing properties of plants. The building addresses the current social and ethical concerns of medical
marijuana use and ultimately aims to highlight the beneficial potential of natural medicines.

[ Collaboration with Andrew Hogan ]
[ Renders: Andrew Hogan ]


Daniel Boesen Nolan  | Registered Architect

Dip Arch Tech. B Des Arch. M Arch | ARBNSW 10636

40 Riviera Avenue, Terrigal, NSW, Australia


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